Thursday, August 06, 2009

Uighurs: The Oppression in China

Location: NorthWest Chinese Province Xinjiang Capital - Urumchi

This wasn't covered anywhere on any online news sites or blogs. I am so surprised since it is such an important event, and especially since there's some very graphic footage. Why was there a media blackout? Has the Chinese octopus finally reached around the US media's necks with its tentacles already?

The Uighurs rebel against the Chinese Han oppressors in July 2009. The Hans think they're protecting their country China from those savage Uighurs. The Hans are favored (their rights protected and merchants backed with favorable loans) by the central Chinese government.

What a world! What a world! I think we can officially name the 21st century, The Century of Tyranny.

Warning: There's sick and EXTREMELY violent footage of people beating to death people.

[Youtube] Uighur uprising Video1

[Youtube] Uighur uprising Video2
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[Youtube] Uighur uprising Video3


  1. I am a Uyghur live peacefully in a western country. It is beyond my imagination that how people can be so brutal as the Chinese worker in Guangdong. They have shown no mercy and even saying without any hesitation "haven't dead yet, is that a female?" How is possible for Uyghurs to be silenced for that type of brutallity? Uyghurs asked the government to investigate the brawl, but government response was shooting the Uyghurs.

  2. this is sad. Its year 2009 and the right for self-determination , is still a privilege.