Monday, August 24, 2009

John Perkins interviewed by Alex Jones 08-24-2009

John Perkins talks about the Honduras coup being assisted by the CIA and business interests of Honduras. Honduras and Haiti must not increase their minimum wage because that will set off wage increases in the rest of Latin America. Eric Holder's law firm defended Chiquita in court and brokered a deal to plead guilty to "engaging in transactions with a specially designated global terrorist organization" for its part in assassinations and coups of previous decades when the company as United Fruit. The fine was a measly $25 million over 5 years.

We need to start boycotting those companies that do not share our values!! Buy fair trade. Buy local. Buy from companies trying to do the right thing. Of course it will cost a little, but it's a small price to pay to keep monopolies and corruption at bay. As Catherine Austin Fitts says, DECENTRALIZE!

Also discussed the hitjob done on America. The 3rd world was treated as such the past 30 years. Now the rooster has come to roost right here in the USA.

[Youtube] John Perkins interviewed by Alex Jones 08-24-2009 Part1

[Youtube] John Perkins interview Part2-4 HERE

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