Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sir James Goldsmith interview on The Charlie Rose Show 11-15-1994

Catherine Austin Fitts mentioned this interview and I dug it up. Sir James Goldsmith is one of those rare, sincere, people with integrity that you can trust. He freely says what he believes without any loyalties to any interests. His predictions from 1994 are amazingly accurate. Laura Tyson, seen arguing in the video, is now an economic advisor in the Obama Administration. Previous to that, she was a professor at UC Berkeley??? Stuff does float to the top, doesn't it? She believes more government spending will solve the current crises. So the lack of government spending is what caused this crises? How about the corrupt politicians and corporations? Can we roll back the policies of the past 2-3 decades?

Folks, this is one the most important videos you will ever watch!

I have my own observations. Why not have a policy to remove import trade barriers with 3rd world countries so that the US can export to these countries easier? Wait, didn't we already have NAFTA? (sarcasm) Also, why do you need to lower 3rd world countries' barriers to production for export to the USA (example: Asia and Sez)?

Now I know, that NAFTA devasted Mexican farmers due to subsidized crops being imported into Mexico because Mexican farmers couldn't produce the crops cheaper than the US! Well, it's not just Mexico. The US has done this to many many countries including Jamacia, India, etc. Besides, isn't it the right of every country to decide for themselves. Why do you need agreements if trade is supposedly 'free'? Also, does free trade require a aircraft carrier and bombs show up if you do not go with the flow?

There is a dislocation between corporate profits and jobs. That's why you are seeing the stock market going up currently while jobs are descreasing. It makes sense now that interest rates are low and the corporations can buy up stuff on the cheap and consolidate. Heck, those that are politically connected will survive while their competition will die off.

Full cost of production of a product MUST include costs to the environment and society. The full lifecycle cost of the product should actually be considered. Maybe if something toxic cost a lot to dispose of, it wouldn't be made in the first place.

Vandana Shiva, the anti-Monsanto seed lady :) is mentioned. I also recommend everyone take a look at P. Sainath.

Lastly, there's a few more Sir James Goldsmith videos on this blog.

Update: GRRRRR!!! They keep removing all the important videos!!! I've updated this post with a working link!

[Youtube PLAYLIST] Sir James Goldsmith interviews with bumbling Charlie Rose and the lobotomized useful tool Laura Tyson


  1. He was a fascinating man. It's a shame he died.

    Here is the speech he gave to the US senate in 1994

    And a clip of him in Adam Curtis' The Trap

  2. I fucking love this guy. Awesome. Thanks for posting this.

  3. In Rome, the Senators privately conquered territory outside the pennisula, used captured estates and slave labor to produce cheap food, exported that food into Rome, and bankrupted the Roman farmer. End of Roman Republic, beginning of Roman Empire. Sound familiar.

    Roman senator = international banker/multinational corporate manager

    U.S. Citizen = Roman citizen soldier

    U.S. politicians = the enemy within.

  4. All this coming slowly, but it is coming.. as posited in M. Moore's film.
    Sir James could see the future but wasnt sure it was on the 40 year plan. Our children's children are doomed to indentured servitude. American manufacturing has now been taken to its knees. What will we produce??
    I'll give the opponents to the argument some industries will stay... Caterpillar, Boeing, Intel and Internet ad sales by Google. But this will DE-stabilize society and the Banks and Multi-national companies will own our grand-children. Our Congress cant look past the next election season and will do nothing. Save your future generations and don't make any future generations (dont make children). Try to look at history on a grander scale for the benefit of humanity... not your next generation only.

  5. Totally agree, clealry a PHD is not a guarantee of basic common sense. Good to know people of her calibre are advising goverment... no wonder the USA is in such a mess now.

  6. Her bad advice and reasoning secured her yet another government job? lol

  7. 17 yrs later.. proves she is a moronic talking head,, and we are presently exactly where he spoke about,,, very scary

  8. I also arrived at this extraordinary interview of Sir James Goldsmith via a Catherine Austin Fitts and can see where Catherine gets the idea that the next global currency is going to be based on water and GM crops. With over 2 billion agricultural workers displaced and slumming it there will be a bottomless pit of very cheap labour dependent upon food and water (currency/money) for survival. So much for the global monetarist theory of value. The classical theory of value had the labourer and artisan earning enough to support a family.
    Loved the simile of Rome by anon.
    I would like to recommend the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein for anyone interested in learning how the Chicago school of economists have been actively behind all the disasters from Pinochet to our hollow governments and states.