Friday, April 03, 2009

Bill Moyers interviews William K. Black on the banker fraud and coverup - 04-03-2009

Bill Moyers has an amazing interview with William K. Black where Bill Moyers is uttlerly stunned at what Mr. Black is telling him.

This video sheds some light on why the CEOs aren't being replaced at the zombie banks. It's because the Obama team, the Fed, and the banks are all in it to cover it up! They don't want to truth to get out. They also don't want any investigation to uncover fraud.

I'm going to send the Catherine Austin Fitts video that I have on this blog over to Bill Moyers. He seems stunned that there is fraud and a coverup going on in finance. I'll also send the video over to William K. Black.

As I've been saying all along, there is an integrity crises, not a financial crises.

Click to open up the interview:
Bill_Moyers_and_William_K_Black interview

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