Friday, April 03, 2009

Dr. Vandana Shiva - Seeds and Organic Farming @ 2009 Organicology Conference, Portland, Oregon, 02-28-2009

The problem of the poor farmer and the obese consumer are one and the same. The seed that is culvated in modern non-organic means puts the farmer into debt vis a vis, the purchase of fertilizers, pesticides, and farm equipment, whilst forcing the consumer to eat less nutritious, pesticide ridden food, of which more needs to be consumed to feel satisfied and be nourished.

And let's talk about the CDOs of the food world: GM seeds and crops. GM crops are not the same as regular crops. Lab studies have shown GM crops cause problems in rats. So how can GM crops be the same as non-GM crops?

We need to stop focusing on one variable such as yield (lbs) of food and think about multiple factors which feed into sustainability of not only the land but of the small farmer, nutrition of the food, diversity in choices , and truth in labeling.

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