Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman Dead by Hanging 04-22-2009

In September 2008, David Kellerman joined Freddie Mac as the acting CFO. Today he is found dead. The death was by hanging and the media is reporting it as a suicide.

I guess he couldn't just couldn't take the stress of his job any longer. So just like any prudent person would do, he decided to hang himself, instead of resigning and finding another job.

Ya right! We know better than to fall for the bait.

[Youtube] Assassination of David Kellerman, Freddie Mac CFO 04-22-2009

Oh ya! You remember this one? DC Madam death declared a suicide by hanging when she came on record saying she had no desire to commit suicide.

[Youtube] DC Madam assassinated by Dick Cheney

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  1. I hope that the other criminals make the honorable decision to commit seppuku. I believe that is the only honorable way out for these leeches.