Thursday, April 09, 2009

John Perkins: Iceland and kicking the IMF in the shin. Lecture at University of Iceland 04-06-2009

Just got done watching all the parts. This is an amazing interview as we go through these times in realtime. Go Johnny go!

You can see the enthusiasm and the passion in the crowd. The Icelanders are going fight. Good luck IMF!

The first series of videos is the speech by John Perkins. He makes some really good points such as capitalism doesn't just have grow in terms of money. You can have growth in food, spirituality, knowledge, etc. Capitalism needs to be channeled into producing beneficial things but also keeping sustainability as one of the requirements. John also tells the people to kick the IMF (the bully) in the shin and to force the IMF into the people's terms. He tells the people that they didn't create the debt, but that they owe it and are expected to pay it back. Johns says they should refuse to pay it just like Argentina and some other Latin American countries. Once again he says to look to Latin America for a model and inspiration.

John Perkins: Lecture at University of Iceland 04-06-2009 Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4:


The second series of videos is a Q&A session. Just look at the passion from the crowd! Part1 Part2 Part3:

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