Wednesday, April 15, 2009 creates 666 sites of other big bailout wall street players

Zak's blog entry:

The Financial Crisis Revealed

I have started the website to reveal the extent of Goldman Sachs’ part in the current financial crisis gripping the world. But it doesn’t stop there. Once our volunteer team is in place to manage we will move on to the next companies that appear to have had a hand in the financial crisis.

Here is our list of where we will start gathering information and putting together a very comprehensive information resource for the media, politicians and Attorneys General. We have not even put a splash page up on these sites yet, but that should start next week.

JP Morgan Team –
PIMCO Team –
Wells Fargo - Wachovia Team –
Bank of America - Merrill Team –
Morgan Stanley -
Citigroup -

If you are interested in working on any of these Teams or submitting information to our Teams, please sign up for our email list at We will keep everyone posted as we move to the next website development.

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