Wednesday, April 29, 2009

John Pilger: The War on Democracy

I just finished watching this documentary by John Pilger. It's an excellent film that shows the results of madmen exercising their will upon the landscapes of this fragile world. Their sociopathic, grand design to grab power and wealth without regard to mother nature, human beings, and natural laws is laden with doublespeak such as 'democracy'. The people need to stop accepting these delusional economics disguised as warfare, and start fighting back? You can clearly see what's left to the downtrodden when the upper classes have their way.

The dawn of a new era that's arrived in South America should now be the model of resistence for everyone. You can clearly see the players. It's the delusional elites verses everyone else. It is not a natural phenemenon to be poor with the vast resources surrounding everyone, just like living in terror and fear isn't.

[Google Video] John Pilger: The War on Democracy 2008

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