Friday, April 17, 2009

Elizabeth Warren: Come out and say it was fraud! 02-06-2009

(02-06-2009) Greta Interviews Elizabeth Warren, Chairwoman of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel. Growing scandal over revelations that Henry Paulson's TARP plan only got .66 cents on the dollar of value for its purchase of troubled financial institution assets, costing Taxpayers $78 Billion dollars.


[Youtube] Greta Interviews Elizabeth Warren 02-06-2009


  1. GOD DAMN! is Greta van Suspenders ever stupid!

    She comes across as a total hick when she's gobsmacked about the idea of billions -- are you sure you don't mean millions, professor? -- and looks like a dunce when she's awed at the not-very-technical explanation Warren gave. Maybe she just has to play the dummy on behalf of the typical Fux viewer... But it's van Sustern, not Warren, who looks like the moron to me, Mitesh.

    OTOH, she looks hot! I stopped watching her when she left CNN. She was kinda dumpy then, but I read she got plastic surgery. Now she's looking thinner and younger. And a lot like the "Stepford Wives" style of all Fox bimbos.

  2. I'm afraid that Mrs. Warren is rounding third and not going all the way home. I'm afraid she might turn out to be an useful tool.

    I've watched her other videos on the middle class, etc. She's got some real good material and research there.

    I do think she's on the right side, and she is trying to expose the public to what's wrong. I just don't think she goes ALL THE WAY and say it's fraud and corruption as indicated in the interview. William Black was more forthcoming.

    I think everyone should interview like a pitbull like van Sustern. It's surprising because van Sustern's on a major network, but not surprising, since Warren is fair game since she isn't part of the establishment.