Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pirates of the Arabian: The real Somali Pirate Story

They won't tell you the real story of the Somali Pirates.

Now that shipping rates have dropped like a rock, ship owners are looking to cash out their insurance policies with some assistance from the Somali pirates. The insurance companies like it because they sell more insurance policies. It's a win-win for everyone involved, shippers, insurance, and the Somali pirates.

[Video] Somali pirates just pawns in a global business

The pirates started out protecting their coast from Western ships that would illegally overfish their waters and dump industrial/nuclear waste, which would then wash up on their coasts. They were the Coast Guard of their country. Then they got greedy.

[Youtube] Report on fish depletion and industrial/nuclear waste.

[Youtube] Somali rapper K'Naan talks about his country Somalia and the pirates.


  1. Toxic nuclear long as we promote nuclear power, the dumping will continue, whether it is on someone's coast or buried on Native American soil.

    Not only is this affecting the dumping regions, but is also contaminating the sea life, from which we all find sustenance. This will increase in time, until our seas will no longer be a good food supply source.

    I firmly believe that solar and wind is the best solution for energy, because there is NO waste from it.

    How sad that mankind cannot find a civilized way to survive without destroying the planet.

  2. As I remember the history of the Horn of Africa in my lifetime the biggest factor was the cold war. US and USSR fought a series of proxy wars via puppet regimes. Military thugs and local megalomaniacs were given the means to make conquests. Ethiopia Somalia Eritrea spent decades in pointless conflict as the regimes piled up debt for weapons thus locking the region into a cycle of clientism poverty and unwinnable conflict. The collapse of cold war funding brought about the collapse of the regimes. Only Islamist funding or gangsterism was available to replace the cold war money. The resulting chaos was made in Washington and Moscow but impacts hardest on the Somali people.

  3. They need to get a spokesman and a lobbyist.

    If there is any truth to this, let's hear about it.

  4. Debt is the most potent slaverizer of all time and is being used to put the developed world into slavery just as the 3rd world was previously. People welcome debt without any suspicion. Armies are no longer needed.

    I believe I heard about taking over the African continent through the Horn of Africa and the Cape of Good Hope in the book 'A Game as Old as Empire' but I have no time to go back and check the book.

    The CIA is always everywhere. The CIA was present in Zaire before the civil war started there. It's always about undermining the population and society so that natural resources can be gotten to cheaply.