Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirates of the Arabian: Post-mortem and the Propaganda (with Jessica Lynch)

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From Jeremy Scahill's rebelreports.com:

"The airwaves, newspapers and websites have been saturated with coverage of the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, the US citizen who was being held by four Somali “pirates” on a small lifeboat in the Indian Ocean, following the unsuccessful attempt by the Somalis to take control of the US-flagged vessel, the Maersk Alabama, a ship owned by a Pentagon contractor."

A contractor ship? I wonder how much they got paid and what bonus they got for the 'success'??? Who's the real pirate? We couldn't use one of our ships that we pay billions for?

" We also know that a group of “Somali elders” believed they were negotiating with the US to try to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Reports indicate that the Somali elders asked that the four Somalis be allowed to return freely to Somalia without being prosecuted in exchange for releasing Phillips. That was reportedly rejected by the US. On Sunday, the Somalis were told the negotiations were over and that the Americans “had another action.” Shortly after that, lethal force was used—with Navy SEAL snipers on board the USS Bainbridge shooting dead three of the Somali men."

I seriously doubt the Somali pirates wanted to kill the captain. They just wanted to get the hell out of there alive. Of course, what the audience wanted was a Rambo type ending.

Do you remember the Jessica Lynch rescue from the Iraqi hospital? That one had to have a hollywood script too. Nevermind that she was treated well. Nevermind that there were no guards or resistence. Nevermind that the Iraqis tried to return Jessica back to American custody. And those knife wounds or bullet holes? There weren't any.

[Youtube] Jessica Lynch: Be careful about the information you receive from the military and the media! Part1 Part2

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