Sunday, April 19, 2009

Highlights from the Tea Parties 2009

I was waiting for some material from the Tea Parties worth posting and I finally found some. I want to comment on the promotion and propaganda coverage by the mainstream media. This also looks like an attempt to try to infilitrate and break up the Ron Paul Movement. Just don't believe it when Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Neil Covuto, Rick Santelli and rest of the mainsteam media gang want to be on your team. Where were all these people a year ago?

Yes, the media had to cover this event around the country. It was just to big to ignore. So they built it up and then covered it in a nitpicking and quick to editorialize manner, similar to other protests, like the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. The media does not want to report on the cause, reasons, and ideas behind the protest because that would not advance their advertisers' and parent company's agenda. They do not want to extensively interview to protestors.

Barrett Booed at Greenville, South Carolina Tea Party
Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett was shunned and booed during his 5 minute speech to 4,000 voters who were fuming over the $700 billion bailout he voted for AND the stimulus package.

Some protesters screamed “go home” and turned their backs to him. Air horns were heard. Signs read “Bailout Barrett.”

Yep. A typical Congressman that's clueless, integrity lacking, and audacious. He forced his way into a rally after doing the opposite of what his constituents in his congressional district wanted him to do.

[Youtube] Clueless Congressmen Barrett booed at Greenville Tea Party

CNN's Susan Roesgen debunked
Married with Children's Marcy Rhoades is seen here covering the Chicago Tea Party:

[Youtube] Marcy Rhoades covering the tea party and later on getting schooled

Some points worth noting:
1) She was not a reporter previously
2) How can it not be family viewing? The guy she interviewed is holding a baby!

Ron Paul
The Ron Paul / Campaign for Liberty Movement has the crispest message. There were a lot of Ron Paul supporters in these tea parties. There were also a lot of people that weren't. Some of that edge, succinctness, and eloquence in the message was lost because there wasn't a complete meeting of the minds and beliefs. There were also some protests that went awry due to poor planning like the dumping of one million teabags in DC:

In the first place, the big event of the day was to be the dumping of one million teabags. The Washington Post notes that this was originally supposed to happen at the Potomac River but was shifted to Lafayette Park because of issues of legality. And seriously, why anyone thought it would be legal to further pollute the Potomac is beyond me.

But! As it turns out, the alternate plan -- 1. Take a million teabags to Lafayette Park, 2. Dump them on a tarp, 3. Yell at them, 4. Clean up the teabags -- also isn't happening, because of permit issues.

[Youtube] Ron Paul commenting on the tea parties and the message dilution:

Tea Parties in Other Cities:
Fort Collins Colorado:

Houston, Texas:

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