Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dick Morris shares plot for IMF to control the US and World

Dick Morris looked throught he G20 draft agenda. The G20 agenda is the establishment of control of the US and World economies through the coordination of international regulation. This includes the control of the FED and SEC by the IMF.

Dick Morris has a look of fear and foreboding during the interview. He knows the G20 attendees are pushing the agenda of global control of governments through the IMF.

What they have at these conferences is the center show ie. the size of the stimulus package. They also have the side show (the real show) ie. the IMF control of financial institutions. They don't want you to pay attention to the side/real show.

"Those people who've been yelling, oh the UN's going to be taking over global governments... They've been crazy, but now, THEY'RE RIGHT! ... IT'S HAPPENING!" - Dick Morris

Dick Morris G20 Interview

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