Monday, April 20, 2009

Vandana Shiva and Max Keiser: Monsanto and Food Commodity Prices and Supplies 4-19-2009

Vandana Shiva and Max Keiser (2 of my favorites) in one video! The discussion is about food commodity supply and prices in the near future. I ignored the old guy in the video. Max Keiser delves into Commodity Backed Securities and Derivatives. I call Monsanto the purveyor of crop derived securities, swaps, and derivatives.

You want to keep food prices low in the future? Keep the speculators away from commodities. Keep Monsanto away buy buying non-GMO. You can kill Monsanto by buying organic because that mean non-GMO food PLUS the food didn't use Monsanto's pesticides like RoundUp. Buy local. Buy organic. Buy from small farmers. There's a link on the top right of the blog for where it will list local farmers markets and farms you can buy your food from.

[Youtube] Vandana Shiva and Max Keiser - food commodity supply and prices Video1 | Video2

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