Thursday, April 02, 2009

IMF and P Sainath on Farmer Suicides and the connection

Today we get news that the G20 nations are loaning $1 trillion to the IMF to 'loan' back to themselves and the thrid world. Does it make to loan yourself money? I'll tell you why it's setup this way. It's that the IMF private owners can control and blackmail countries around the world, and not be subject to any country's laws.

We need less IMF and World Bank not more. We need less poverty, less privatization and monopolization, less corruption, and less totalitarianism, less representation for corporations. Instead we get the direct opposite. The IMF and the World Bank are the enemies of civilization.

Let me outline the web of control, corruption, and domination of the whole world:
Banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan => FED => Bank of International Settlements => Nations => Corruption and funding of 'friendly' politicians => control of economic and social policies => poverty, slavery, despotism

[Article] on $1 Trillion IMF loan

Today, I present to you, P Sainath, a journalist who has been covering the Indian countryside and reporting on farmer suicides caused by Monsanto and and other MNCs. And we will leave into the glimpse of Indian poverty in the middle of the richest city in India.

P Sainath on Inequality:

P Sainath on mainstream media:

P Sainath on Western Democracy:

P Sainath at University of Texas, Austin:

Bombay Slums. Thanks corruption and despotism!:

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