Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gerald Celente: They're robbing the people blind in broad daylight!

Recent up close and personal interview with Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente, to those who are not familiar with him.

"They like to blame it on.. as we're talking about.. the reality of what the individuals did. But let's look at the group of criminals out there. And the real leveraged buyout scam artists. These are people that were buying $20 billion companies with no money down on the basis of future earnings. And that's when the credit crises hit back in 2007. When these guys couldn't pay back, they're blaming it all on the subprime problem. The next shoe to drop is gonna be the commercial real estate sector. And it's going to dwarf what we're seeing in subprime."

"Look at all the vacancies that you see all over the country in retail space. Who is going to rent these spaces? The answer is nobody. You saw all these businesses go out of business. Bear Stearns, the Meryll Lynch mob, the Lehman Boys, all these bond companies. All of these companies that went under or downsized dramatically. They left behind of millions of square feet of empty space. Who's going to rent this? NOBODY! So This is where you're going to see the collapse of 09 begin as these vacant spaces keep adding on more and more and the developers and speculators who put these deals together can't pay their notes."

"We don't have to bail them out. That's what they've put in our head. The whole game is the elites make everybody feel that there they are inferior and I have news for them. They are not too big to fail. Just in case there's any doubt over there, I can speak with full authority that their mother's not better than mine."

"Well, I don't care about Nancy Pelosi, just like I don't care about Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. Who are these people? Too big to fail? They made up this line and people swallowed it? Who cares if they go under. Look where they money from AIG went. It went to Deutsche Bank. It went to JP Morgan. It went to Goldman Sachs. Who are these people kidding? They're not talking to a 2 year old. It offends me when they insult my intelligence or they think they think they are better than I am."

"To watch grown man grovel. You know how you get your way to the top in politics? You suck your way up to the top. You know why these people take these jobs? Because they don't have to work a day in their life. They have a sleuth of slaves around them. The terminology they use these days is staff and slaves. They don't get their fingernails dirty. Can't the people see what's going on?"

[MP3] Courtesy Gary interviews Gerald Celente 04-10-2009

[Youtube] Gerald Celente interview on Russia Today 04-18-2009 Part1 | Part2

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